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Past, Ongoing and Upcoming Projects and Initiatives

With grant support from DFID/UNDP, GERUWA has been implementing the HIV/AIDS prevention programme targeting to mobile population and their families covering the whole Bardiya district and conducting HIV prevention though education and awareness, STI treatment, volunteer counselling and testing. Beside, it has also been working for HIV/AID prevention through awareness raising in Banke, Kailali, Surkhet and Dang district. Moreover, it also involved in the capacity building of CBOs, clubs, CBO networks, peace networks, local NGOs of the mid-western region on HIV/AID, social mobilization, conflict transformation and peace building. GERUWA in partnership with 'Support of Peace and Development Initiatives (SPDI/UNDP) implemented a conflict mitigation and social development programme targeting to internally displaced people (IDPs) and other victims from armed conflicts like formation of their groups, building their confidence through trainings, support for income generating activities and rehabilitation of them in the host communities and reintegration of their own place. GERUWA has also been actively involved in formation and mobilization of peace networks, civil society networks at VDC, district and regional level, campaigning and dialogues between warring parties, conducting community peace building initiatives and promotion for peaceful resolution of community conflicts.

Moreover, GERUWA have been supporting the communities, CBOs and local governments to practice the participatory, bottom up and inclusive development process and promotion of local democracy through constructive social dialogues, institutional and leadership development of CBOs, NGOs and local government organizations, training and facilitation and knowledge sharing. The partnership with CBOs and their networks, VDCs, municipalities, VDCs, DDCs and civil society organizations including private sector have resulted greater impact of development, democracy and peace initiative projects. GERUWA has gained profound experiences about social mobilization process, capacity building and mobilization of existing CBOs and their networks which bring significant change in reducing poverty through promotion of local ownership and governance, strengthening the local democracy and peace building mechanisms.

The major projects and activities implemented by GERUWA in the past are summarized below.

S/N Period Covered (MM/YY) Project Title Core Activities Client Region/Place of Assignment Support Agency
1.   1993 to 1999 Out of School Programme (NFE) NFE-Adult Literacy Classes
  • Class formation
  • Training for Facilitator
  • Management Community formation
  • Class Implementation
  • Examination  Other School Enrolment
15000 Literate 11 VDCs of Bardiya district
(Rajapur Area)
2. 1993-1997 Community Forestry Support Program
  • Local community m eeting
  • Increase Community Forest
  • Coordination with District Forestry Office Gulariya and Forestry Range  post in Rajapur
  • Seedling Distribution to support Plantation activities
Community Forestry Groups 7 VDC area of  project target groups and households beneficiaries District Forest Office Gulariya and Rajapur Range Post Bardiya
3. January 1999-September 2002 HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention Programme
  • Peer education
  • STD treatment
  • SHP support and social marketing of contraceptive
  • IEC and BCC materials production and distribution
1750 migrants workers and their families 5 VDCs of Bardiya district Save the Children Kathmandu
4. November 2000 - April 2003 Reflect Programme of HSSP/ GTZ
  • Reflect classes
  • Awareness on reproductive heath and women issues
300 women of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities 3 VDCs of Bardiya i.e. Rajapur, Taratal and  Sanoshree HSSP/ GTZ Kathmandu
5. January  2001- November 2004 Freed Kamaiya Food Security Project
  • Saving & credit groups formation and mobilization
  • Cooperative formation and mobilization
  • Support the groups for IG activities
  • Community mobilization for labour based infrastructures
7390 Freed Kamaiya Households 28 VDC and 1 Municipality of Bardiya district RPN (Rural Programmme Nepal) GTZ Kathmandu
6. December 2003 - December 2004 Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction Project
  • Group strengthening and mobilization
  • Conducting agriculture related IGA training
  • Cash/kind and technology support to the freed Kamaiya groups
Freed Kamaiya households
25 VDCs of Bardiya district User Group Kathmandu
7. February 2004-January 2005 Conflict Minimization and Social Development Project (CMSDP)
  • IDP group formation
  • Confidence building
  • Support IDP/Victim group/individual for IGA
  • Training on conflict management, HR, DNH, UN IDP guideline
  • Campaigning and dialogue with  warring parties for conflict transformation
  • Networking for peace building & social healing
300 HHs of
IDPs and conflict victims of the Bardiya
3 VDCs of Bardiya district Rajapur, Bhimmapur and Badalpur SPDI\UNDP Kathmandu
8. June 2006- 15 July  2011 Comprehensive Package for Mobile Population and their Families Project (CPMPFP) Bardiya
  • Peer Mobilization
  • Volunteer counselling and testing
  • STI treatment
  • Awareness raising
  • Lobby against social stigma and discrimination to over HIV/AIDS
  • Media Mobilization
Mobile population and their families Bardiya District
(31 VDC 1 municipality
Hiv\AIDS Unite Kathmandu
9. January 2005 to December 2007 Community Based Sanitation and Hygiene Program
  • Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness
  • ODF
  • Hand pup
  • Health Camp
  • School Sanitation
  • Hand Wash
Freed Kamaiaya Area in Bardiya District 28 VDC in Bardiya District
3480 household
Nepal Shwosthaya ko lagi khanepani
10. June 2006- Dec 2010 Rural Access Improvement Decentralization Project
(Consultancy services for social aspect of RAIDP)
  • Social mobilization
  • Workshops, training and meetings
  • Project monitoring, socio-economic survey and community audit
  • Social screening for community driven development
About 45000 households of  project target groups and beneficiaries Group I  three districts of RAIDP namely Banke, Bardiya and Kailali Rural Access Improvement and Decentralization Project (RAIDP) (DoLIDAR)
11. 1 February 2009 to 15 November. 2010 Comprehensive Package for Migrants Population and their Families Program In Rolpa
  • Peer Mobilization
  • Volunteer counselling and testing refer
  • STI treatment refer
  • Awareness raising
  • Lobby against social stigma and discrimination to over HIV/AIDS
Migrants population and their families 12 VDC Migrants Area of the Rolpa District Save the Children Kathmandu
12.   1 November 2009 to June, 2012 Prevention on Human trafficking,  Safe migration and Gender based Violence
  • Awareness raising
  • Scholarship
  • Press group formation
  • Go and stake holder networking
  •  Various Issues Training as gender
Migrants Population and Human trafficking Risk Families 3 VDC (Shanoshree, Taratal and Kalika) Gulariya Municipality in  Bardiya Districts Karitas Nepal4
13. July 2011 to Dec. 2011 Public Hearing and compliance monitoring
  • Enhance the capacity of CBOs member, WCF and CAC member
  • Participatory consultation with the relevant key development stakeholder
  • Orient member of CBOs leading by marginalized and disadvantaged in terms of good governance
  • Public discussion\Group interaction
  • Organize public hearing events
  • Documentation and sharing of the key finding.
Stakeholder Local government 5 VDC Baridya LGAF
Government of Nepal
14. Nov.  2011 to Jan. 2016 Breaking Barriers (Marginalised Women and Girlsaccess safe
  • Advocacy\Workshop
  • Capacity Building Training
  • Community Mobilization
  • IEC|BCC Material Distribute
Marginalised Women and girls 5 VDC Bagnaha, Dhodari, Baniyabhar, Magaragadi, Dhadhawari CREHPA\Nepal
15. 1 May 2013 to  31 Dece. 2013 Programme for accountability in Nepal
  • District level orientate on program
  • Consultation meeting with service providers
  • Observation in  the first round of practicing community score card
  • Follow up of joint action plan
VDC, DDC, local service providers,local development stakeholders, Khairapur, Kalika and soruwa VDC in Bardiya District Centre for international Studies and cooperation
16 14 april to 16 July 2014 Local Adoption Plan of Action (LAPA)
  • Stakeholder Meeting and Workshop
  • Awareness and sensitization
  • Street Drama
  • Agriculture Support
  • Dirking Water and sanitation
  • Flood preparation sensitization
  • Provide Services through social mobilise
5 VDC area of  project target groups and households beneficiaries 5 VDC in Bardiya (Gola, Pathabhar, Khairichandanpur, Manau and sivpur District Development Committee (DDC) Bardiya 
17 1 May 2015 to  30 April . 2016 District Level Social Mobilisation Programme Chure area of Bardiya district
Social Mobilization
60 percent area is under the Chure range of the total area of Bardiya district. Chure area of Bardiya district President Chure-Terai Madhesh Conservation Development Board.
18. Agust  to  2015 December,. 2016 Programme for accountability in Nepal
  • District level orientate on program
  • Consultation meeting with service providers
  • Observation in  the first round of practicing community score card
  • Follow up of joint action plan
VDC, DDC, local service providers,local development stakeholders, 10 VDC Bardiay District Centre for international Studies and cooperation

In partnership with development organizations, government agencies, local governments and CBOs, GERUWA has been implementing three major project in the mid and far western development region. It has been providing consultancy services for the social aspect of Rural Access Improvement and Decentralization Project (RAIDP) in Banke, Bardiya and Kailali district since July 2007.

Similarly, GERUWA has been implementing Comprehensive Package of Mobile Population and Their Families Project (CPMPFP) covering whole Bardiya district i.e. 31 VDCs and 1 municipality with technical support from UNDP and financial support of DFID since June, 2006 and same programme Comprehensive Package of Mobile Population and Their Families Project (CPMPFP) covering Rolpal district 12 VDCs an with technical support from Save the Children US and financial support of Global fund since February 2008 Further, a project entitled "Community Based Integrated Mother and Child Health Project (CBIMCHP) has been operation in 28 VDCs Banke district and 6 VDCs Bardiya district with technical support of DPHO, Banke and DHO Bardiya and support from Plan Nepal.

The summary of ongoing major projects and initiatives are presented as follows.

S/N Period Covered Project Title Core Activities Client Funding Organizations Region/ Place of assignment
1 July 2018-June 2019 Gender transformative community resilient project
  • Capacity Building for gender transformative TS
  • Triggering on GT-TS
  • Community Mobilization for GT-Total Sanitation
  • Monitoring/Follow up for TS
  • Media / communication for GT-Total Sanitation
  • Clean Home Declaration
Community of Banke and Bardiya Plan International Two Rural municipality of Bardiya and Two Rural municipality of Banke
2 July 2018-June 2019 Care and Gender Transformative  Parenting Project
  • Nutrition & hygiene promotion activities in PWG
  • Interaction with HFOMC, husband &mother/father in-laws, community leaders and other's for the advocacy on improving status of health of pregnant mother's
  • Support to strengthen BC/PHC/ORC of PWG program
  • Support HF in local level planning process to incorporate RCES/FH related programs
  • Demonstration kitchen garden
  • Healthy baby, healthy mother & best career mother's award
  • Hygiene promotion of children in the ECD centers
  • Training parents to prepare playing and learning materials for the
  • Capacity building on RCES/child disability
  • Support First aid kit to the ECCD center
Pregnant and childrens of Banke and Bardiya Plan International Two Rural municipality of Bardiya and Two Rural municipality of Banke and Nepalgunj sub metropolitan
3 1 January 2016 to December 2018 Women Health programme
  • improve conditions for IUD service provision in the public sector
  • Improve access to IUD services through PSI’s OK network of private sector providers
  • Increase women’s access to safe abortion services at government certified abortion centers
60,000 WRA informed on SA services PSI (Population Service International) 5 District (Banke, Dang, Bardiya, Kailali and chanchanpur)
4 1 January 2017 to November  2018 Mohanpur Pigey Business form
  • Capacity building
  • Social mobilization
  • Income Generating
  • Community Business
Community targeted People
PAF (Poverty Alleviation Fund) Nepal Government Kathmandu Basgadi municipality Mohanpur village
5. 1 June 2018 to December  2018 (First phase) Urban Sanitation and Hygiene for Health and Development
  • Sanitation Conference
  • Fund Raising
  • MHM Orientation to students
Team formation for SMART Members
13 school students (10500) SN-V
(Netherland Development Organization)
Nepalgunj 16 Sub Metropolitan, Banke
6 August 2018 to July  2020 (First phase) SAFA Water Project (improvements Water quality and sanitation Service in Health Care Facilities and Surrounding communities)
  • Capacity Building and awareness Raining Activities in WASH
  • Water Quality testing (twice a year)
  • Installation rehabilitation of hygiene sanitation and water suppy system in community and health facilities (CGD friendly)
  • Ceramic filter distribution
  • Formation of DPAC\MPAC with various meetings, Workshops at municipality and Community Level.  
3500 House hold in working area TDHF (Terre Des Hommes Foundation) Bardiya District (Barbardiya, Bashghadi Municipality and Badaiya tal Rural Municipality

Priority project and initiatives in immediate, intermediate and long-term interventions are presented hereunder in priority.

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