Tuesday, 28 September 2021


GERUWA works with the people and the communities especially the poor, most deprived, disadvantaged and marginalized, social mobilization, School-Based Behavior Change communication Activities popular and health education as means of empowerment. Beside, social mobilization education and empowerment, capacity building of community-based organizations, it strive for environment management, inclusive democracy and local development, community health and sanitation, social justice and peace building, just economic development. It intervenes through the institutional and leadership development, saving and credit mobilization, skill and technology transfer, conservation and environment management, social and political dialogues for restructuring existing institutions and influencing policies and processes, promoting peace mechanisms, cultures and practices, business and market development, public-private partnership and macro-micro, rural-urban linkage, good governance, human resource and infrastructure development. Moreover, GERUWA has been facilitating the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized people for local resource mobilization, saving and credit activities, enterprise development, income generation and other self-reliant development of targeted people and communities.

The past, ongoing and priority activities of GERUWA have been presented as hereunder.


  • Annual Report 2020
    Published: 14 Mar, 2021
  • Geruwa Program Annual Report 2018
    Published: 06 Mar, 2018
  • Annual Report 2074-75
    Published: 02 Oct, 2017
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