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Case Story

We have found that the service providers visit VDC office for some personal works such as birth registration and the service receive from the staff of the VDC.But the service receivers don't show any concern about the VDC budget, source of budget and how the budget expenses and topic of the budget. As such the service providers were oriented about the public expenditure survey and services provides by the VDC office through different training, workshops at VDC levels.They were also oriented about social accountability tools such as the right to information, transparency, accountability along with VDC Secretory. It was found that during the course of the training the participants interacted with the VDC secretory and asked him different question related to social accountability.Mostly the training covered the topic of social accountability and discussion was done on the presentation of expenditures of VDC in the public hearing program. It was developed common understanding that the citizen can raise the issues or question if he/she is not satisfy with the VDC working procedues. It was also shared that the maximum number of service receivers should participate in these activities. Sapkota , VDC secretory " I admit that I have regularly sends income expenditures report to DDC office but not have seriously thought about the citizens concern topic". He added that he wants to make his VDC a good sample VDC that is transparent and follow each tools efficiently and for this he has talked with different stakeholders in different meetings.

Result/constraints/challenges experienced
Even though the budget disclosure is mandatory by law in VDC but most of the VDC secretory have no knowledge about it or they simply ignore the process.ButVDC secretory Krishna BahadurSapkota states that till now no one had raise the issue of publicize the VDC budget and we too didn't pay much attention to this matter. He added that they had a thought that providing the expenditure budget toDDC is enough for them.So, when the issue was shared in different training and meeting with Ward Citizen forum members, Citizen Awareness Center members and VDC secretory jointly, all have agreed on the point that publicize the budget is concern issue for all.After the various meetings and sharing process, Sorahawa VDC secretory has agreed to expose and display of VDC budget expenditure in the notice board. Thus, VDC office has started to display the budget expenditures from 2072 Magh in its Notice Board and the process is continuing thereafter.


Some Activities Photos

Pro-poor and gender budget analysis in the VDCs
District level training of Social Mobilizers

Financial Prosperity by the Vegetable Farming

29 years Kalapati thapa and her Family Members who are resident on Bansgadhi Muncipality , shantipur Tole of Bardiya district,She has Five Members in her family where includes her husband ,one son and two daughters.She had included as a member in the Hamar Gochali Community Organization in the Bansgadhi Municipality of Bardiya district. First, she had neither any type of an opportunity of employment, and farming land nor had knowledge and skill about the any occupation. Though she used to work as a labour of that land proprietor where she got fifty to eighty rupee as the remuneration per day from she and her husband's working. She worried about her family how bring up the children because of she had no any option without this condition. So that her family members had been difficult to mouth to mouth in her daily life by her and her husband's earning resource. She use to take loan 5% of 100 as the rate of interest to fulfill her needs from the merchant of near of village. Her shantipur village is far 20 km from the headquarter of Bardiya district. There is no facility of transportation, Campus and Hospotal. All sick person of shantipur go to Kohalpur hospotal for treatment. She was one among the poor can't go Kohalpur hospital for treatment then they have died untimely. In this way her life was passed as the struggling.

Stating Interchange:
After her Struggling life, there formatted Hamar Gochali Community Orgainization by the merging of 24 households of Bansgadhi Municipality, according to the People Participatory Poverty alleviation Program conducting by Geruwa Rural Awareness Association, Gulariya Bardiya with financial supporting of Poverty Alleviation Fund, Tahachal, Kathmandu.Similarly, Geruwa Rural Awareness Association gulariya, Bardiya conduced the Training about the leadership training, Account Management Training and Meeting Management Training for their capacity building and she had also presented in that Training. Then, her life started to get feeling of changing in. She said, "i took loan only Rs. 20000 from the community organization but now my vegetable farming occupation changing as a big trading". She successed to buy the 5 kathha land and her two daughter and one son go to Boarding School from her conducting Vegetable occupation. Now a days, many changing has come in her life so that her family members are so happy in each other.GERUWA is cause of changing of my life. i heartily thanks to Geruwa Ruaral Awareness Association.

Some Activities Photos

IG Community Level Training
Community Member Goat Training



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