Tuesday, 28 September 2021

GERUWA Organization Summary Profile

An organization can be a new born but cannot be specified as a full grown youth or eldest. A not for profit organization- GERUWA has come across the 28 years milestone to his unending journey. But still it seems there are a lot to be seen and learn. We are always coping with the development changes for the organizational breakthrough. It is for the betterment of its target groups and also for the good for itself. Immutable to its ethics but also dynamic to serve well, GERUWA always gives its full efforts to reach the unreadable. Since its formation till date, GERUWA has successfully implemented different program/ projects and has served 8 different districts of Nepal (namely Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Doti, Accham, Dand and Rolpa) and more than 52,000 household directly. Currently, GERUWA is working in 4 districts (Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur). This year also GERUWA has worked on different categories to achieve its goals.

Name of NGO : Geruwa Rural Awareness Association (GERUWA)
Address :
Telephone :
Email :

Phone no:

Gulariya Municipality 9, Bhansar Road Gulariya, Bardiya
info@geruwa.org.np, geruwa.1991@gmail.com
Regional Office Nepalgunj 16 Sub Metropolitan, Banke

Website: geruwa.org.np
Registration No. and District: Reg. No. 20 D.A.O. in  Bardiya District
Date of last renew : 2077-07-17 Valid up to: 2078-03-30
Established Date : 2049/10/06 since 1993/12/20
PAN No.: 301068969
Regd. No. (SWC) : 985 F.Y. 049/050
Date of last renew (SWC) : 2076-08-15 Valid up to: 2079-03-30
Contact Person : Krishna Jung Shah
Position : Chairperson
Contact No. Cell No. 9858021421



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