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Geruwa Rural Awareness Association (Geruwa) is non–profit, non-governmental social development organization founded by a group of enthusiastic professional social and development workers of Rajapur Area of Bardiya district and those are from the diverse geographical , social and cultural groups, in 1993 A.D. The organization was named by the famous river of Nepal, the Karnali, locally known as Geruwa. GERUWA is registered under Society Registration Act, 2034 in District Administration Office, Bardiya with registration number 20/1993 and affiliated with Social Welfare Council and Inland Revenue Office, Nepalgunj [PAN 301068969] . GERUWA is a lead member of Non–Government Organization Coordination Committee (NGO-CC) of Bardiya, National Federation of NGOs in Nepal (NFN) and Safe Motherhood Network of Nepal. Its central office is located at Gulariya Municipality -9, Gulariya, Bardiya and Program offices in Dang. Since its establishment, it has been operational to achieve its stated objectives in the areas of Political, social and economic transformation, empowerment, development and peace building in the societies.

GERUWA has been actively working in the field of social mobilization, capacity building, community health, HIV/AIDs popular education, socio-economic development and peace building with special emphasis to disadvantaged and backward areas and communities through partnership approach. It has been operating its priority activities proactively with a professional team of executives and staffs from diverse fields, social and professional backgrounds. As a result, GERUWA, a district-based NGO actively working in social and community development activities, have now developed as a regional NGO branch offices in Banke Bardiya Kailali, Kanchanpur and Dang Since its establishment, GERUWA has longer history of partnership and developed wider and better network and relationship mainly with bilateral and multilateral donors like Plan Nepal, World Bank, GIZ, DFID, CCO, JICA, SNV, USAID, UN agencies like UNDP, UNICEF, WFP, INGOs like Save the children, SAP-Nepal, PSI, IUCN, World Education , PACT Nepal, Plan Nepal NGOs like Samuhik Abiyan, FECOFUN, and government agencies especially (LAPA, PAF, RAIDP, LGAF) other civil society networks.


A human society with equality, freedom, prosperity, environmentally healthy, justice and peace where empowerment is used as a tool


GERUWA aims to secure human security through progressive political, social, economic and cultural transformation


The overall aim of GERUWA is 'securing sustainable development for people of Nepal'


GERUWA has set following objectives:


Working Strategies

GERUWA convenes its activities with following strategies:

Working Themes

GERUWA has set its activities along seven strategic directions as:

Strategic Approaches

In line with its values, working strategies, working themes, GERUWA will strive for empowerment, impact and influence. In order to achieve, it stated objectives and contribute to institutionalize inclusive development, reach to the neediest people, and develop a model accountable, participatory, transparent, equitable, inclusive, responsive, effective and efficient social development organization of the country and abroad, it will adopts and practices the following strategic approaches

  1. Developing strategic funding base and fund-raising mechanisms
  2. Exercising inclusive democratic and good institutional governance
  3. Developing and practicing strategic partnership, collaboration and networking
  4. Developing models of empowerment and social movements and facilitating the process and movements
  5. Influencing on policies on key issues of politics, development and equality

Target Groups

The backward, downtrodden and disadvantaged people in term of human development indexes are the ultimate beneficiaries of the GERUWA and it has been working through CBOs, NGOs and INGOs, local federal governments, private companies, political forces, civil society organizations, networks and individuals.


  • Annual Report 2020
    Published: 14 Mar, 2021
  • Geruwa Program Annual Report 2018
    Published: 06 Mar, 2018
  • Annual Report 2074-75
    Published: 02 Oct, 2017
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